Accept the rules


  • Using physical force is forbidden! None of the tasks require any physical strength.
  • Do not break anything!
  • Do not take apart anything, for example you do not have to remove drawers, remove light bulbs etc.
  • Do not lift each other or anything heavy, such as furniture./li>
  • Do not climb on top of furniture.
  • Respect the Do not touch-stickers, they are always there for a reason.
  • Using your cell phone during the game is forbidden.
  • Do not try to guess the locks open, you will get the correct code for everything eventually once you have completed the tasks.
  • Don’t give away the answers or clues to other people.
  • Playing the escape room while intoxicated is forbidden
  • Pelaaminen päihtyneenä on kielletty.
  • We reserve the right to charge you afterwards for any expenses that result from possible broken items or other injuries. Minimum charge is 100€. We observe and record all games.
  • The game leader has the right to interrupt the game if you do not follow the instructions. There will be no refund if the game is aborted due to misbehavior.
  • The most important rule: HAVE FUN!



Kauppakatu 28,
80100 Joensuu
(Shopping center Iso Myy Cellar, entrance opposite Movie theatre Tapio)

Billing information

050 409 3311