A room full of riddles and puzzles and 60 minutes on the clock. Can you escape?

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Mukava iltapäivä, jännittävä kokemus ja erilaista tekemistä myös nuorisolle. Nyt jo kyselevät milloin mennään uudelleen 🙂

The bunker is now open!

You’ll get to experience the radioactive glow of a nuclear reactor as the new game, the Bunker, has arrived to Mikkeli! Check the available times from the booking calendar and see what happens to your group when the door of the nuclear plant gets stuck shut and you are trapped, fighting against the clock before it’s too late to escape…

The next new room opens in Mikkeli in the fall. Follow us to keep updated!


The World War II rages on and you try to stay in hiding in the middle of the bombings to finish a very important reconnaissance duty far behind the enemy lines. Bad luck hits you and you get caught in action. The life of spies who get caught is not long, and before your final destiny you have to endure terrible conditions in the prison cell.

When the guards exit your cell unit due to an alarm, it is your last chance to avoid the meeting with the executioners at dawn…

Recommended group size: 4–8 persons (min. 3, max. 10)


Just another day at work in a nuclear power plant turns into a nightmare in the instant when the security system collapses and the threat of a nuclear explosion becomes painstakingly evident. Your shift manages to escape according to the safety instructions. However, you realize that due to the failure in the system, the bunker is not only locked tight, but it also fills with boiling radioactive water as the pressure keeps rising. You have an hour to get the door open, prevent a hideous nuclear disaster and escape, or…

There are two versions of the room available: the very difficult standard version and an easier one with more clues. By default, you book a standard version, so if you prefer the more straightforward game, please mention it in the additional information field.

Recommended group size: 4–8 persons (min. 3, max. 10)


You and your partners in crime managed to turn off the electricity in the whole city to be able to intrude into the bank vault. According to your estimation, the power outage lasts about an hour and during that time you have to find your way through numerous security systems, find the money and escape. Once the lights in the city are switched on, the police is alerted and your game is over.

Recommended group size: 4–8 (min. 4, max. 10)

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Lost is available for play again!

Your Autumn trek has ended up with you being lost. You’re tired and hungry, without food and ill-equipped in the unknown wilderness. Everything is looking great when you manage to contact help and find an abandoned hunting hut. You’re then informed of a storm that is coming your way which is not only going to bury everything in half a meter of snow, but also disable all flying activity in the area. The rescue helicopter is awaiting for your coordinates, but it has to leave within the hour to avoid the storm. Your last hope is to search the hut for clues regarding your location. After that one hour your hopes of being rescued are minimal – it’ll take so long for the helicopter to be able to search for you again that there’ll be nothing for the rescue team to find.

Recommended group size: 4 – 8 (min. 3, max. 10)

VR games

Huonepakopeli Mikkeli presents: room escape games in virtual reality!

Huonepakopeli Mikkeli offers a completely new way of playing room escape games: VR rooms. VR rooms are a better fit for a slightly smaller group of players, and there’s 40 minutes to escape instead of the traditional 60. The selection of VR games contains two rooms: Space Station Tiberia and the Depths of Osiris.

The pricing for the VR rooms is as follows:

– 2 players 45 € / person
– 3 players: 30 € / person
– 4 players: 25 € / person

Additionally, there’s something available for fans of horror as well: the Hospital of Horrors. This room is less of an escape room and more of an experience. The length of this room is approximately 15 minutes. One session of Hospital of Horrors costs 50 €, be the group size whatever it may (up to 4 players at a time).

Group size: 2 – 4

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