A room full of riddles and puzzles and 60 minutes on the clock. Can you escape?

Magig School


You are students of Magic School. Repeating another conjuration you suddenly heard a frantic cry in the hall. Leaving the classroom you found a note: «I came back». Now the fate of the world of wizardry depends on you. Will you manage to find all pieces of the soul and get rid of the main evil…

Recommended group size: 4–6 persons (min. 3, max.10)




Recommended group size: 2–4 persons (adults)  (min. 1, max. 4)

It is also ok for one adult and 5 children.

Book Wonderland

The Lost Testament

A well-known media personality, an heiress to an aristocratic family, lady Merity, has died. Before her death, she was known to have been anxious and paranoid, thinking that she is being persecuted. Afraid for her life, she had written a new testament before the day of her demise.
However, the police was unable to recover Lady Merity’s testament or her jewels.

The best detective in London, Sherlock Holmes, is convinced that the testament alongside the jewels are still in the house. Holmes leaves the case in your hands because he finds the task trivial. But is everything as it seems?

Recommended group size: 4–8 persons (min. 3, max. 10)

Book Lost Testament

New Room

Your group of adventurers steps into an ancient temple of the Mayas. According to ancient mythology, this temple holds inside a treasure of immeasurable value – but the exact location has remained a secret for thousands of years. This Indiana Jones themed adventure takes you on a hunt for a treasure that not a single archaeologist has ever been able to locate. Will you leave the temple rich or empty-handed?

Recommended group size: 4–6 persons (min. 3, max. 8)

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Pari teknistä huomiota pelistä: *piip* osoittaminen oli vähän tuurista kiinni, että hyväksyikö valo osoitusta vai ei. Lisäksi pankkiholvin puolen tietokoneen avautuminen (läppäri) kesti todella kauan... Muutoin oli kyllä hauska pelailla ja kaikki toimi 🙂
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